Iron Oxide/Titanium Dioxide Compound Pigment
    Chrome Yellow and Zinc Yellow Pigment
    Molybdate Red,Red Lead and Lead Monoxide
    Iron Oxide Pigments
    Organic Yellow Pigments
    Organnic Red,Orange and Violet Pigments
    Leafing and Non-leafing Aluminium Paste
    Phthalocyanine Blue and Other Blue Pigments
    Anthraquinone and Others
    Company Introduction

    Hebei Best color Chemical Co.,Ltd. established in 2000, invests 20 million yuan and covers an area of 30000 square meters of land in the historical, cultural and tourist cities of Hebei province: Zhaozhou,it not only has good geographical position ,easy circumstances and also was convenient for traffic.

    BCCI focuses on researching and developing of new products and in pursuit of improving the quality of the pigment. Now the company has 8 R&D groups of the pigment, Intermediate and Organic Accessory Ingredient, and has a R&D teamwork which was consisted of a great deal of professional workers , including 4 senior engineers, 5 secondary engineers, and 20-odd-member personnels in a specific technical field.
    BC fixes on producing the goods .....

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